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•  Our Mission  •

To provide a restaurant that serves locally grown food with amazing taste, at an affordable price, where all can enjoy the flavor of community.

•  About The Table  •

The Table is a non-profit, social entrepreneurship that serves locally grown, fresh food and operates under a pay-what-you-can model. We value a place where everyone is welcome, and we provide creative payment solutions for all.

•  Our Vision  •
To Share

Share love, offer hope and build community

To Support

Support local economy and invite the city to celebrate the beauty of Portland

To Serve

Eliminate food insecurity, build relationships and share life with our neighbors

To Provide

Provide affordable healthy meals in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where people dine with a purpose

•  Our Concept  •

At The Table, we embrace a pay what you can afford concept by providing a few payment options.

1. Pay what you can afford to pay. You can pay with your time in service as payment.

2. Pay the full amount of the suggested meal price.

3. Pay the full amount of the suggested meal price, plus a little extra to “pay it forward.”

4. Give your time in service to “pay it forward” for your neighbor to enjoy a meal.

•  Our Volunteers  •

The Table is nothing without volunteers who give of their time and talent. This is the heart behind our mission. We continually pray for volunteers to help us make good happen in the community by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

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